Improved Performance

Cal-Miser gas-fired aluminum holding furnaces are available in six standard models with bath sizes from 1600-lb. to 3800-lb. to meet the metal requirements for a variety of die-casting machines. 

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Performance Benefits


Cal-Miser furnaces are designed to keep your die casting operations running smoothly. Design features that improve performance and production include:

Direct heat application to melt a full charge without changing the metal properties.

Microprocessor-based digital temperature controller and variable blower speed to maintain constant temperatures.

Reduced surface area to reduce oxidation, increasing quality and decreasing scrap.

Self-contained system, requiring only an electrical power source and gas feed.

Compact design so furnaces can be easily moved as needed to meet production requirements.

Adjustable height for optimum positioning with each die casting machine.

Dip out positions on either side of the furnace for staff and production flexibility.

Three standard holding wells with optional sizes available to configure the furnaces for your specific needs.

Separate tapout/drain for each holding well in order to easily change alloys or shutdown the furnace.