Proudly Serving Die Casters For Nearly 40 Years

Since 1984, Cal-Miser has provided North American die casters with durable furnaces known for performance, reliability and quality. That’s why die casters across the USA choose Cal-Miser gas-fired aluminum holding furnaces. We offer six standard models and bath sizes from 1600-lb. to 3800-lb. to meet the metal requirements for numerous die casting machines. 


Cal-Miser furnaces can reduce your maintenance costs while offering long-term reliability. Our simplified design with all mechanical components enclosed in one cabinet helps prevent problems from occurring.


Side-by-side comparisons of Cal-Miser furnaces with other units over nearly 40 years of operations show energy reductions of up to 75%, depending on type and age of the other equipment.

Improve Your Performance

Cal-Miser furnaces are built to last and save you money.


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