Cal-Miser’s origins go back to a simple problem: creating a furnace that would be inexpensive to build and easy to maintain. After this the next problem solved was finding a way to keep energy costs low. The result was the development of a unique energy-saving furnace design with low production costs.

That same philosophy applies to all of Cal-Miser’s services.

The Three Rs: Getting the Most from Your Furnace

If a unit wears out or fails, regardless of the manufacturer, die casters have found Cal-Miser to be their solution. We consult with the client to evaluate which of three approaches would is most cost-effective.

In some cases, a simple repair can extend the life of a unit by many years. Other times, even a complete refurbish is not enough to save an aging piece of equipment.

Cal-Miser provides three levels of service. We call them The Three Rs.


After a full diagnosis, we determine what part(s) might need to be replaced or adjusted.


Often, excellent results can be achieved by dismantling the unit and rebuilding it with the same parts. {Note: if available}


This is the next step up. In a complete refurbish, each individual part is carefully returned to original factory specifications. The equipment will arrive back in your shop in “like new” condition. [Unfortunately, in some cases, parts or systems are no longer available and refurbishment is not possible…..]

Having issues with your furnace? Contact Cal-Miser today for a free consultation about which of the Three Rs is right for you.